GR2018 MD case


MD enclosure GR2018 for assembling amateur digital andor analog metal detectors of any type. Installation of the PCB of the device is possible into the case cover and into the case main body part. The PCB mounts are different for both types of installation.

For self routing of the PCB, two files are attached with the outline of the boards and the mounting holes “board_to_main_part.dxf” and “board_to_cover.dxf”. Files are opened in Autocad, imported into DipTrace, AltiumDesigner and other PCB routers.

POWER SUPPLY SYSTEM The enclosure has a battery compartment, closed by an external cover, for two LiON 18650 batteries without protection boards. The purpose of such a solution is a completely self-contained unit of the device, without any cable connections to external power sources, convenience in replacing power supply elements, general “flexibility” in the design of the device. A contact block is installed in the battery compartment.

ATTENTION!!! The contact group has an anti-corrosion zinc coating. There are 4 leads inside the case, from which this coating must be removed with sandpaper before soldering. The batteries in the compartment “sit” tightly. We recommend placing a strip of silk decorative tape under the batteries – this way the batteries can be easily removed from the compartment without using a screwdriver or knife. See the photo below.


ADDITIONAL In the enclosure there is a prepared place for installing a speaker with a diameter of 40mm. At the bottom of the body there is a “platform” for mounting the main MD unit to the rod. The file of the outline of the shield “front_panel.dxf” can be imported into CorelDraw for making a design layout. The body is molded from impact-resistant polystyrene by the method of injection molding into a mold. In the near future, the case will be equipped with an accessory “mount to a pole”, as well as boards for popular amateur metal detectors.


  • GR2018 case – 1pc
  • Battery holder cover – 2pcs
  • Battery contacts – 4pcs
  • Self-tapping screws – 4pcs

The price of the enclosures varies from the quantity (cost delivering not included)

  • 1-5 pcs – 7usd per one pcs 
  • 5 pcs – 6usd per one pcs
  • 10 pcs – 5usd per one pcs
  • 33+ pcs – 4.5usd per one pcs

Shipping cost depends on the weight of the parcel and the country for sending. We will inform you of the full cost if you indicate your address on the page “Make an order”. Delivery is carried out by the Post of Ukraine – specify the cost of delivery.

Place orders through the form at the top of the page – the “Make an order” tab.

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