QUASAR ARM+ (ТЕ) main unit


QUASAR KVAZAR ARM+ (TE-Top Edition)  is a digital metal detector with discrimination. One of the best amateur metal detectors with discrimination (the ability to separate metals by type). It is not difficult to operate, has the characteristics of mid-level branded devices, at a price that is twice or three times lower. And the open architecture of the device settings in conjunction with the various of coil`s types allows you to configure the device to suit your needs for almost any type of searching.

Our device is:

  • original PCB
  • case of our own production GR2018 with battery holder
  • battery charging system (our development) INTEGRATED into the main unit
  • low noise of the PCB to achieve maximum sensitivity
  • built-in USB programmer will allow you to change the firmware yourself
  • keyboard backlight for easy work in the dark
  • the highest build quality of the device reliability, stability of work, guarantee and service

Our devices have a lot of positive customer feedbacks, some of which can be viewed in the “Customer feedbacks” tab at the top of the page. They found many interesting ones, incl. financially valuable finds and treasures. We do not stand still and are constantly modernizing and improving our devices.
The device is recommended for novice detectorists-diggers for searching “antiquity” (coins, artifacts of ancient cultures, etc.), “beach search” (search for lost jewelry in fresh and salt water). The device has a sufficient number of settings to create a saved profile that is often used for different sensors. In terms of the available service, the Quasar comes out ahead as a more advanced device, in comparison with branded MD`s of the lower and middle price range.

The device is equipped with service functions:

  • automatic tracking ground balance
  • automatic compensator of residual unbalance of the sensor
  • customizable target signal processing speed filters
  • FM modulator for connecting wireless headphones
  • PWM sensor current adjustment

The Main Unit is shipped fully assembled, tuned to an equivalent coil. When ordered together with a sensor of our production – the device is adjusted to this sensor.

Contents of delivery setup:

  • Main unit of the device
  • Power adapter for built-in charger 12V 2A
  • Bolt for fastening to the shaft
  • Battery case cover`s 2pcs
  • Operating instructions and settings

The price of a complete set of Main Unit is 145USD. Shipping costs are included in the price. Delivery is carried out by the Post of Ukraine – specify the cost of delivery. Place orders through the form at the top of the page – the “Make an order” tab.


Basic characteristics of MD Quasar ARM:

  • Operating principle: IB induction-balanced
  • Operating frequency: 4 … 20 kHz, depending on the coil parameters
  • Coil type: resonant TX (serial circuit) + resonant or resonantless RX (parallel circuit)
  • Operating modes: dynamic and static
  • Display: LCD, 2 lines 16 characters
  • Information displaing: Signograph 16 sectors, same + VDI digits, large VDI digits
  • Indication of soil condition
  • Battery charge indication
  • Backlight status indication
  • Low battery warning (beep), configurable low level of charge
  • Target response level indication in dynamic and static modes
  • Indication of input overload by a signal from a very large target or a close distance from the  coil
  • Backlight intensity adjustment
  • Configurable sector mask (prohibiting voice acting on certain targets by metal type)
  • Treshhold switchable with volume control
  • Sound scheme set-up: two – three – and multi-tone (3 sound schemes)
  • The ability to adjust the gradation of volume from the signal level
  • Ground balancing: manual, semi-automatic and automatic with variable speed adjustment
  • Sensor current adjustment (UserPWM function)
  • Sensitivity Adjustment (Threshold): 32 Levels
  • Sound volume control: 32 levels
  • Function of wireless transmission of target voice to FM receiver
  • 8 user profiles (all settings are saved, including when the power is off)
  • 5 filters for different search conditions (equivalent to the Reactivity parameter in XP DEUS)
  • Pin-point mode, with adjustable threshold and sensitivity
  • Electronic switchable sensor residual unbalance compensator
  • Powered by two Li-ION 18650 batteries + built-in charger
  • Built-in tools for configuring coil (section for hardware settings)
  • Self-diagnosis when turned on
  • Stable target detection (1EUR coin) by air for coil DD26x28cm = 35-37cm
  • USB programmer for flashing the device with any firmware you like

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